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Raquel April 19, 2022

⚡ Spanish Fluency Lessons Beginners

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Spanish Irregular Verbs 

Irregular verbs are the verbs that only follow their own rules or the rules that apply only to a small group of verbs that behave like them. They are the Spanish irregular verbs. 

Today you will learn 5 VERY COMMON irregular verbs…

Ser (to be)

It should come as no surprise that a verb meaning “to be” is the most common verb in Spanish. Ser is used for permanent characteristics or things that are expected to last. It can also be used to tell the time, to describe someone’s origin or profession, or to discuss a relationship.

Tener (to have)

Tener is used on its own to indicate possession of something. Other common uses of tener include indicating age, “to hold”, and “must”, as you will see in the examples below.

Ir (to go)

Ir usually means to go. Ir is another verb that’s uniquely irregular in all of the tenses.

Querer (to want)

Querer can have a few different meanings, the most common ones being to loveto want and to mean.


The verb poner generally means “to put” or “to place,” but its meaning can vary.

Often in bars and shops in Spain you hear people asking for food or drinks with the verb “poner”. In this lesson, you are going to practice this meaning of the verb “poner” and it’s conjugation. 


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