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Each lesson is carefully designed to help you increase your listening and speaking skills 3x times faster.

Do you ever have this weird feeling when you’re listening to Spanish:

You understand some of the words, but no matter how hard you try, you can’t pick out the overall message.

That’s happened to me, too.

And it caused me to mess up pretty badly.

Several years ago, I moved to France and I set myself the challenge to pass the DELF B2 (Intermediate French Certificate) in the prestigious French Institute.

My plan?

And the BIG day arrived.

I felt super confident. I had done everything right (or that’s what I thought).

And what happened?

I failed.

I failed on listening.

And I was quite frustrated. To me, it didn’t make any sense. 

I honestly thought I had done my best.

So, what went wrong?

I decided to invest some time to figure out what I could have done differently. And here’s what I realized:

Very little of my listening practice had involved active listening.

I had done most of my listening passively just letting the sounds of French wash over me.

Instead, I should have been actively listening to make sure I understood as much French as possible.

I learned my lesson. And I found a solution.

I created a highly effective
active listening

And this is the exact method we use in our Spanish Gym to help you increase your comprehension level dramatically.

How it works

Dedicated Active Listening activities

Instead of being a passive listener, you’ll work with engaging short audios & videos to become and active listener.

Weekly 45-minute live sessions

Each week you will discuss an interesting current topic. Instead of focusing on the grammar, you’ll focus on practice.

Qualified native teacher

Your classes will be guided by a professional native teacher.

Reduced Groups (6 people max.)

One of the things our students highlight most is the accountability and support from their group 🧡.

Multiple schedules 

You will be able to pick the days of the week and hours that are more convenient to you.

Results 100% guaranteed

This program is a rocketship for getting you from zero to conversational Spanish – meaning you can have a 15+ minute conversation in Spanish confidently.

This program includes

everything you need to

understand more Spanish and speak more fluently.

The Spanish Gym is a conversation and listening Club to help you understand native speakers and speak more fluently. 

Instead of focusing on the grammar, you’ll focus on practice.

By using Spanish over and over in fun conversations guided by your teacher (rather than mind-twisting grammar lessons), you “get” how it works.

What our students say

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