Speak Spanish in 90 days. Guaranteed.

Our Spanish live course let’s you learn Spanish like a child does, by speaking in Spanish every day – and have a confident 15+ minute conversation in Spanish after just 90 days. 

Nothing sounds worse than wasting time and money on language programs that don’t have you actually talking in Spanish, causing you to miss out on travel, educational, personal and work opportunities that you would love to have.

So, what is the problem in Spanish learning?

The problem is the false believe that you need to understand grammar, and study Spanish for months or even YEARS, to be able to communicate in Spanish.

This is simply not true.

And it’s the worst thing you can do if you really want to speak Spanish.

Why is it a “big, blue house” and not a “blue, big house”? 

If you’re like most native English speakers, you probably don’t understand the endless rules of English grammar. You just… well… speak. You don’t need to understand the rules.

It just “sounds right”.

So why does everyone learning Spanish
start with learning the grammar?

The traditional method is to start by learning a grammar concept, understand it, and then practice it.

Sometimes even with no real-life context or application.

And to be fair, that can work, with time and loads of patience, and you probably need to be quite “good at languages” or enjoy grammar (a lot). 

If you don’t need to understand the inner workings of English grammar to speak English, why would you need to understand Spanish grammar completely to speak Spanish?

This false believe will kill your motivation to learn Spanish.

Most of our students come to us frustrated and disappointed.

They have tried the traditional approach, and it haven’t worked for them. 

When I realized this, I became obsessed about creating a completely different method.

A method that is not focussed on grammar, and goes straight to learning how to speak.

Instead of starting with the grammar, you start with practice. Each class, you go straight to using the new concept – without even having to understand it completely. 

By using it over and over in fun conversations guided by your teacher (rather than mind-twisting grammar lessons), you “get” how it works.

You’ll be able to use it yourself. You’ll be able to understand when people use it with you. All without any complicated grammar explanations.

Things will just “sound right” – just like things just “sound right” in English.

This is how you learned
your native language.

What our amazing students say ❤️


How it works

3 weekly 45-minutes speaking sessions

Speak! Each lesson is results-driven. Focused on fluency.

Multiple schedules 

You will be able to pick the days of the week and hours that are more convenient to you.

Qualified native teacher

Your classes will be guided by a professional native teacher trained on our ‘speaking first’ approach.

Reduced Groups

One of the things our students highlight most is the accountability and support from their group 🧡.

Dedicated platform & App

You’ll have unlimited access to the recorded lessons and online materials to practice Spanish every day.

Results 100% guaranteed

This program is a rocketship for getting you from zero to conversational Spanish – meaning you can have a 15+ minute conversation in Spanish confidently.

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