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Speak Spanish in 90 days. Guaranteed.

Join my 12 week online live course for beginners to confidently interact with locals in Spanish speaking countries.

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¿Te suena? Rings any bells?

Why join my online live course?

If you have been considering learning Spanish for a while now but struggling to find the time and dedication to do it…

This 36 hour coaching program is designed to get you ready to speak conversational Spanish in the shortest amount of time

Join today and be ready to interact and meet new people on your next trip!

5 people max.

2 or 3 weekly 45-minute speaking sessions.

Results 100% guaranteed.

Applications to my next cohort close in:


✅ This is for you if:

❌ This isn’t for you if:

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I’ve been so, so happy with the course.
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It’s working for me.

Speaking Spanish is just 12 weeks away


Feb 27, 2023 - May 28, 2023


Multiple Schedules

100% Money Back Guarantee

Have confident conversations in Spanish, or your money back.

Applications to my next cohort close in:


Meet Raquel

¡Hola! Soy Raquel and I live in Valencia, Spain.

I am the CEO and Founder of The Spanish Tribe, and I’ve helped hundreds of students speak in Spanish confidently all over the world!

I am a very practical, goal-oriented person. Hence, I always felt frustrated and unmotivated with slow, time-consuming traditional methods for language learning.

How good is it when we can visit those countries we have dreamt about for so long and feel as a local? 

I speak Spanish, English and French. My love for languages has allowed me to travel to many places and even live in different countries.

Learning a new language is much easier than you think! I’m here today to prove that to you and to share my method to get you speaking Spanish in only 12 weeks!

After all, that’s what a language is for, right? Communication (before perfection!).

Nothing sounds worse than wasting time and money on language programs that don’t have you actually talking in Spanish, causing you to miss out on travel, educational, personal and work opportunities that you would love to have.

Here’s the secret…

You already are a successful language learner. You learnt your first language. 

And you can speak a new language in real conversations.

Not tomorrow. Not next year. Not when you’ve learned an entire dictionary and you’ve got perfect grammar.

Right now.

(Yes, even if you know nothing or everything.)


Using the right tools.

Speak Spanish in 90 days Program ©

Speak Spanish in 90 Days Program © is a communicative course carefully designed to develop your fluency and confidence to Speak Spanish x3 times faster.

How it works?
Each week you’ll have..


x1 Real World Grammar Workshop (45 min)

You will integrate grammar x3 times faster thought different speaking and active learning techniques. 

Forget about long lists of rules and hours of meaningless (and boring!) memorization.

 Learn grammar for real-life, amigo.


x2 Speaking lessons via Zoom (45 min)

These lessons are optimized to help you develop your fluency in record time.

If you use the right techniques — and we’ll teach you the exact methods to use — then that’s plenty enough time to get to a conversational level.


30-minute Daily Mini-Missions

Highly structured (and fun!) study-plans in The Spanish Tribe platform: videos, audios, interactive activities, etc., to help you integrate Spanish into your daily routine. 

The Spanish Tribe Podcast (300 x 300 px) (2)
Definitely recommended!
The Spanish Tribe Podcast (300 x 300 px)
After just 2 sessions I feel motivated and confident!

By the end of the 12 week course…

You’ll reach an A1+/A2 level, and will have real, comfortable conversations in Spanish.

You’ll have unlimited access to all the online material to continue practicing your Spanish.

You’ll open up doors to travel or even relocate to Spanish speaking countries.

You’ll have built a solid foundation of the Spanish language, and you’ll use the language naturally without recalling grammar rules while speaking.

You’ll feel confident to interact with locals and feel more integrated in the Spanish culture.

You’ll connect with like-minded people to achieve a common goal with encouragement and accountability.

Online live course syllabus

Each module is designed to overlap with the others to compound the learning. By the end of week 12 you would have mastered the following areas of the Spanish language:

¡Hola! - Let's break the ice!

Learn the foundations of the Spanish language and the basics of communication. You’ll see that Spanish is easier than you thought! 😉

Knowing me, knowing you.

Interacting with locals, making new friends… I am sure they will be dying to know more about yourself, your loved ones, your culture…

Be a foodie.

Spaniards socialize around food! Don’t miss the chance of being part of this experience by learning the phrases to interact with them at the restaurant and supermarket.

Getting lost in the city.

Never get lost on your next adventure by knowing how to ask for directions. Willing to become a local? Let’s learn how to give directions and recommend places to go too!

That's what I like!

Traveling to a different culture sometimes can suppose a cultural shock. In this module you will learn how to express your preferences, to agree or to disagree in order to take the most out of your experience!

Time flies...

I could agree with that BUT not in this module. 

Being able to express a time frame will help you feel confident about your conversation and complement it going more into detail.

Work hard, play hard.

Let’s honor some time to talk about the things that keep us busy! Your job, your interests and hobbies. Some of them might be common within the class!

Life in the city.

Talk about your daily routine and your plans for the week in Spanish, this is a fantastic way to get the conversation going with native speakers. By sharing what your day-to-day looks like, you’re able to find common interests with new friends. 

Let's go shopping, amigo.

Going shopping? Whether you’re looking for some elegant shirts for yourself or a souvenir for your mother-in-law, you will need some easy sentences and shopping vocabulary in Spanish.

Back to the past.

Go beyond beginner level and talk using the past tense in Spanish! It’s easier than you may think! What did you do last weekend? Did you go to the cinema with a friend? You will learn how to talk about past actions and events. Talking about past events is crucial to conversations!

Share your adventures!

Are you passionate about traveling? You will learn how to talk about your travel experiences and preferences. Traveling the world can be such an amazing experience. Once you see new sights and speak with new people you walk away with experiences you will never forget, you’ll learn how to talk about your travel adventures in Spanish!

What are your plans?

So you can talk about the present in Spanish, you’ve finally got your head around the past tenses too, so now there’s only way forward! You will learn to express what you will do in the future. Go beyond beginner level and talk about your plans for the future! What are your plans for next weekend? And for summer? 

Say it out loud!

You won’t believe how far you’ll have gone by the end of the 12 weeks! Break out rooms and role-playing with your colleagues will be beyond helpful and enriching.
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I like the fact that all the Spanish is useful, so I can go out and use it that same day normally.

Why Group Based learning is Awesome…


Commit to learning Spanish fast with a deadline

Commit to this and I guarantee you will be speaking conversational Spanish in 12 weeks if you attend every session and complete the challenges.


Courses & Apps Suck.

Nearly 90% of students fail to complete online courses. Ditch the apps, the courses collecting dust and the endless lessons: It’s time to finally crush it with Spanish!


Accountability with a likeminded group of people.

Learn with people of the same ability who are all looking to achieve the same goal fast. You’ll all encourage each other and give accountability to achieve your goal.

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The main goal in this course is speaking skill, that I can express myself, and understand people, because without speaking skills, it’s very difficult to live in another country and communicate with people.
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This has been a complete revelation, I’ve come on so much just in a few months is amazing.

What’s included?

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Valentine’s Day Deal

Unleash your Spanish fluency!

Amigo Pack

for busy people!
  • Pay in up to 2 installments
  • x2 weekly live speaking lessons on Zoom
  • x1 weekly RECORDED grammar workshop
  • Personalized support
  • Access to The Spanish Tribe Platform: +1000 interactive resources.
  • Members-only Masterclasses & Workshops
  • 24/7 conversation room

Jefe Pack

for jefes like you!
  • Pay in up to 3 installments
  • x2 weekly live speaking lessons on Zoom
  • x1 weekly live grammar workshop
  • Personalized support
  • Access to The Spanish Tribe Platform: +1000 interactive resources.
  • Members-only Masterclasses & Workshops
  • 24/7 conversation room
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Happy Students Only Policy

Don’t like the course? Lo dudo, but no worries! Try My Program for 15 days. Get your money back if it didn’t serve you. No questions asked. Straightaway!

Your fluency journey starts here!

Overcome the fear of speaking Spanish!

Available Groups & Times

How to join the JEFE MEMBERSHIP?

If you chose the JEFE PACK, you’ll have 3 lessons/week. 

STEP 1. Make sure you can attend the “Grammar workshop” in ONE of the two available times below on a weekly basis.

STEP 2. Check the times and groups available for your speaking lessons! You will choose your group after registration, this section is only to check current available times. 

Grammar Workshop Available Times

Live Grammar workshops will take place every Tuesday at the following times: 

Available groups for the speaking lessons on Zoom

How to join the AMIGO MEMBERSHIP?

If you chose the AMIGO PACK, you’ll have 2 lessons/week. 

STEP 1. Check the times and groups available for your speaking lessons! You will choose your group after registration, this section is only to check current available times. 

Available groups for the speaking lessons on Zoom

Hey amigo!

This section is only to view available groups. You will be able to choose your group after registration.
Got it!

¿Tienes alguna duda? FAQ

Perfect, We’ve got answers!

Groups are composed of 4 to 5 students to guarantee a more attentive and personalized learning experience.

All students are cautiously selected to make sure that all of them are at the exact same level. You will not have to worry about being behind or having to wait.

Sure, if you would consider yourself a beginner again, this will work for you fine. You may see that you're picking things up a little quicker.

I highly recommend attending all the lessons as it’s a great opportunity to get you part of Spanish, ask questions etc. However, if exceptionally you are not able to attend a lesson do not worry as you will be able to watch the recording.

In order to guarantee the learning of Spanish by the end of the 12 weeks you have to:

  • Attend the live lessons
  • Do the homework weekly
  • Dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to revise and practice what has been done in the previous classes.

You'll be given mini challenges to complete every single day that will take around 30 minutes. You'll be working through interactive online course material that we will go over in the live sessions.

You sure can, if you feel you need extra support on any topics you can book in with me for a 1:1 session at an extra cost.

Not sure if this course is right for you?

I completely understand. Write to me and I’ll be happy to advise you. Speak to you soon!

10% OFF Early Bird Discount 🐦