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Bienvenid@ a The Spanish fluency challenge!

Musicians do it. Athletes do it. Circus performers do it. Anybody who wants to master a skill needs to practice, practice, practice, every single day.

That includes Spanish learners, too.

But does this mean that you have to sit in front of a computer doing grammar drills or running flashcards for hours a day?

Absolutely not! There are tons of creative ways to practice Spanish every day without getting bored.

Hmmm… Sounds good!

The only thing we ask for.

All we ask is that you do not miss any challenge, and that you practice with us every day!

And of course, the most important step, which many students skip, is to put it into practice!

Find a friend, a study buddy, a spaniard who has just moved to your city and needs some company, a Spanish teacher, etc.

But please, please USA TU ESPAÑOL!

¡Es completamente gratis!

It is a gift from The Spanish Tribe to motivate you to continue learning Spanish, and to achieve your goals of communicating confidently, fluently and naturally. OH YEAH!

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