"My Spanish improved significantly, I gained a lot of fluency in Spanish and now I can express myself with much more confidence and self-assurance."

Thanks to these lessons, I don’t worry so much about making mistakes and people tell me that I have improved a lot. Grammar has always been more difficult for me and Raquel helped me to understand it by practicing it in conversation and with real examples. Her classes were always super fun and varied. We had a great time. Raquel is a super fun and enthusiastic person. You will never get bored with her. I recommend her classes without any doubt!

- Ciara Blackledge


Im learning because I love Spanish and Hispanic culture.

To encourage each other, to learn from each other’s different point of view and it was more relaxed, in this way.

I would definitely recommend this course, as practice makes you better than you were before. I had many opportunities to speak and listen, which means I gained more confidence to speak and expand my vocabulary.

Andy Maas  Edinburgh, Scotland


The Spanish Tribe Podcast (300 x 300 px) (2)
Definitely recommended!

I’m Akshay and I’ve been living in Ireland since 4 years. I’ve always been into learning new languages and Spanish is the one that I really wanted to learn as I’ve lots of Spanish speaking friends.

I liked the most about this course is the level of interaction you get to have with other students as well as Raquel (the teacher). You get your doubts answered instantly and as the lessons take place in small groups it’s even more beneficial if you’re stuck on something or unsure you can ask straight away.

Akshay Marathe   Dublin, Ireland

Cloud Support Engineer


“Hello, my name is Seraphine and I would like to recommend Raquel as a Spanish teacher. 
Her classes are very well organized and are very useful to improve your fluency and to learn grammar without realizing it.
In addition, the videos, resources and materials she uses are very well structured and as I have already said are very useful.
Raquel as a person is a very funny person, she always encourages you to speak, and thanks to her I now sound more like a local, I recommend her without a doubt!”


“¡Hola! ¿Qué tal? Mi nombre es Seraphine y quiero recomendarte Raquel como profesora de español. 
Sus clases son muy bien organizadas y son muy útiles para mejorar tu fluidez y para aprender la gramática sin darte cuenta.
Además, los videos, recursos y materiales que ella usa son muy bien estructurados y cómo ya he dicho son muy útiles.
Raquel como persona es una persona muy divertida, siempre te anima a hablar, y gracias a ella ahora puedo hablar como una nativa. ¡La recomiendo sin duda!”

Seraphine Mackie siena, italy

Alyssa van Tol   HOLAND



I want to learn Spanish because I live and work in Spain.

That helped to become more confident to say something in Spanish. And it helped to remember everything better.

The best thing about the course was that Raquel wants to teach you the basics to be able to use in everyday life, really things you need.

Because it is a course that focuses on speaking Spanish and getting used to it. Also, you can keep practising because everything can be found online in the platform.


“I loved working with Raquel. She has a very friendly disposition and is naturally charismatic and positive. When I struggled with something difficult to understand, she gave me the confidence I needed to move forward. Raquel has a natural empathy and innate aptitude for teaching. She is also very organized and professional. I would sincerely recommend her to anyone interested in improving their Spanish.”


“Me encantó trabajar con Raquel. Tiene una disposición muy amistosa y es naturalmente carismática y positiva. cuando tuve problemas con algo difícil de entender, me dió la confianza que necesitaba para seguir adelante. Raquel tiene empatía natural y aptidud ínnata en la enseñanza. Además, es muy organizada y profesional. Sinceramente, la recomendaría a cualquier persona interesada en mejorar su español.”

Pedro Gaio South Hiendley


I was really pleased having Raquel as my teacher, I was with her for about a year. We did mainly oral classes and she corrected me at almost every mistake I made which was really useful and necessary. She also taught me many aspects of the grammar that I could include in my Spanish conversations. Furthermore, I learnt a lot of slang and expressions which was really useful for when I moved to Spain. I would recommend her to anyone! I can now talk about many topics and I no longer feel stuck or nervous about talking Spanish. I found the classes very amusing, completely personalized and full of interesting and relevant topics. It is important to me that we talk a lot about everyday things and situations. I could see my progress every week and my Spanish friends notice it too. Thank you Raquel

Kurt Simpson Hull, uk


I’m Tommy. I work with Spanish companies in Latin America.

I enjoyed the small group and Raquel’s energy. Always happy and always engaged. 

I would definitely recommend this course. It really takes you from Zero to a conversational level! You’ll be speaking Spanish as soon as you can say uno, dos, tres…!

Tommy  newcastle

Commercial Director 


“Hello everyone! My name is James and Raquel was my Spanish teacher, and thanks to her I got the B2 level in Spanish. She is an excellent teacher, I highly recommend her!”


“¡Hola a todo el mundo! Mi nombre es James y Raquel fue mi profesora de español, y gracias a ella conseguí el nivel B2 en español. Es una profesora excelente. ¡La recomiendo!”

James Austin Yorkshire

“Lessons with Raquel were always interesting and engaging. The encouragement to use target language continuously throughout lessons meant that we gained confidence when speaking Spanish.”

Shauna Armstrong Hull, uk


“Raquel is a very talented and highly knowledgeable teacher with a real passion for her work. She is a pure joy to be around, and always makes conversation feel very natural.”

Ross L Nottingham, UK


Raquel was my Spanish teacher and her classes were definitely the best. She was very encouraging and friendly, and it was very helpful to learn conversational and real Spanish, rather than just learning textbook Spanish. She was a fantastic teacher and I would recommend her to anyone!


Raquel fue mi profesora de español y sus clases definitivamente fueron las mejores. Fue muy alentadora y simpática, y fue muy útil aprender español conversacional y real, en lugar de solo aprender el español de los libros de texto. ¡Fue una profesora fantástica y la recomendaría a cualquiera!

India Robinson Scotland


Raquel is a very good teacher. She has helped me to understand the Spanish language and culture more deeply and above all to gain more confidence to speak Spanish fluently. She is very patient and friendly and her classes are fun and dynamic. I would definitely recommend Raquel as a Spanish teacher!


Raquel es una profe muy buena. Me ha ayudado a entender el idioma y la cultura española más profundamente y sobre todo ganar más confianza para hablar español con fluidez. Ella es muy paciente y simpática y sus clases son divertidas y dinámicas. Sin duda, recomendaría a Raquel como profesora de español!

Lucy Madden Uk

Raquel was such a huge help throughout my beginners Spanish course! She helped me gain so much confidence throughout the course, whilst making Spanish really fun and exciting to learn! Every speaking lesson allowed me to practice and learn new skills through a variety of methods including games and fun conversations! Including helpful advise to help me improve and excel within the language! I highly recommend Raquel to anyone looking to learn or improve their Spanish! You won’t be disappointed at all! 
Very personable and her lessons are never boring. I had conversation classes with her during 3 months and this really boosted my ability to speak Spanish! Absolutely recommendable!

Vicky Hole Newcastle, uk


“During the 3 months that Raquel has taught me, she has not only improved my Spanish, but also increased my confidence and spontaneity in speaking it. Her teaching style is incredibly effective and each lesson was engaging and fun. Raquel herself is very supportive, encouraging, and friendly, and I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat.”


“Durante los 3 meses que me ha enseñado Raquel, no solo ha mejorado mi español, sino que también ha aumentado mi confianza y espontaneidad en hablarlo. Su estilo de enseñanza es increíblemente efectivo y cada lección fue cautivadora y divertida. Raquel misma es muy comprensiva, alentadora, y simpática, y la recomendaría a cualquiera en un santiamén.”

Markus Wright Sheffield


Raquel taught me Spanish for 2 years and she was a great teacher! My Spanish improved a lot and I gained a lot of confidence to speak the language. She corrected mistakes I made and encouraged me to improve and use different verb tenses or more complex vocabulary that I hadn’t used before.


Raquel me enseñó español durante 2 años y fue una gran profesora! Mi español mejoró mucho y gane mucha confianza para hablar el idioma. Ella corregía errores que hice y me animaba a mejorar y utilizar diferentes tiempos verbales o vocabulario más complejo que no había utilizado antes.

Molly Bann Manchester


“I was always made to feel welcomed and I could approach her with any concern I had about the work. Her lessons kept me interested and engaged. I really enjoyed coming to class which gave me more confidence to speak in Spanish during the lesson.”

Antonia Azocar-Nevin Hexham

Raquel was a fantastic teacher and is so patient with her students. She always found the time to help those who needed it and was able to push those who were already talented even further. She prepared plenty of useful materials for her classes and was very approachable and helpful if you had questions.

Joseph Bucknall Bournemouth


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