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“Raquel helped me gain so much confidence throughout the lessons, whilst making Spanish really fun and exciting to learn! This really boosted my ability to speak Spanish. Absolutely recommendable!”

Vicky Newcastle

“Her teaching style is incredibly effective and each lesson was engaging and fun. Raquel herself is very supportive, encouraging, and friendly, and I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat.” 

Markus Nottingham

“I loved working with Raquel. She has a very friendly disposition and is naturally charismatic and positive. When I struggled with something difficult to understand, she gave me the confidence I needed to move forward. Raquel has a natural empathy and innate aptitude for teaching. She is also very organized and professional. I would sincerely recommend her to anyone interested in learning Spanish.”


“I can now talk about many topics and I no longer feel stuck or nervous about talking Spanish!”

Kurt Simpson Hull, uk

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1. First SPEAK then focus on grammar

Grammar is important and we will tackle grammar and other key skills extensively BUT, a strong focus on grammar can lead to:

2. Have consistency

To really learn a language, you need to practice regularly, if not, it will take you many months, or even years to make real progress, and you’ll lose motivation. 

3. Learn unique methods and boost your confidence

To be able to speak and to be consistent, you need to work on your mindset and confidence. You’ll learn unique methods and ‘mindset shifts’ to learn Spanish smarter and faster, and to rapidly boost your confidence and motivation at using your new language in the real world.

Who am I?

And why can I help you?


And I’ve been a language learner too.

I studied a foreign language at School, but after 13 years of ‘studying’ the language, I could not speak a word of English.

But eventually something clicked for me

And fairly quickly, I became fluent in English and confident at speaking the language in real conversations.


I started to learn in a new way.

I quickly realized that the way you learn a language greatly affects how long it takes you to become conversational. I understood the failures of the traditional system that had prevented me from moving forward.

I knew I was not alone.

My reality was also that of thousands of language learners.

I’ve been teaching Spanish for 10 years now, and with my method, I’ve helped hundreds of students who, like me, wanted to feel the freedom to communicate in other languages with fluency and confidence.

I know you can do it too, and I assure you it will be 100% worth it! 😃

I've worked at

The Spanish Tribe Academia

Seriously, life’s too short for boring lessons! ☻

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