How to Introduce Yourself in Spanish: Practical Guide


In this challenge you are going to practice how to introduce yourself.

An introduction tells people who you are.

It often also conveys your basic personal information, such as your profession and your relationship to the people or person you’re meeting.

Get off to a good start with your new Spanish friends, associates and acquaintances by hitting all the introduction marks.

Presentarse | Introducing yourself

  Tip 1:

  • If you want to progress faster, I recommend to learn first what it’s meaningful to you (your age, you profession, etc.), instead of spending hours learning the names of all the professions, numbers, colors, etc,. (this can be done later).
  • For nationalities, for example, I used to write a list of all nationalities in English. This took a lot of time, and prevented me from learning more useful vocabulary and progress faster.

Now you!

STEP 1. Answer the following questions about yourself.



  • In Spanish we don’t say I’m a doctor, we say ‘soy médico’, without a/an.


  Tip 2:

  • It’s very important to be brave and speak (we all make mistakes when we are getting started with something new!)
  • It’s very important to be proactive. If you don’t know how to say something, look it up in a dictionary and use it in conversations, that’s what everyone actually does when moving to a different country, and having to learn the language and use it everyday! And that’s when the magic happens. You need to USE your Spanish to be able to speak! 💬

Spanish introductions are pretty straightforward, so keep it simple. Smile, extend a hand (or a kiss) and respond appropriately to the person you’re meeting or to the one who’s introducing you.

Cheek-kissing: A Basic Primer

When meeting someone in the Spanish-speaking world, the very first obstacle you’ll encounter is whether or not to greet with a beso (kiss). Ah, the feared cheek kiss—is it necessary? How can you pull it off without accidentally offending anyone, or looking like a confused foreigner?

The norms for kissing vary around the world. But in almost any Spanish-language social interaction, some form of kissing will be involved. And, just to be clear, there’s no flirting involved when this is part of the greeting!

Be aware that it’s not actually a “real” kiss, merely a touching of cheeks. Sometimes, cheeks hardly graze each other!

Have in mind people will not always greet with a beso. So, Wherever You Go, Do as You See Others Do!

There are regional differences to this practice too. In Spain it’s two kisses and in many parts of Latin America it’s one, so observe those around you to see exactly what to do where you are. The rules also vary by gender; in some regions, men will only kiss women, but in other parts of the Spanish-speaking world, men will also cheek-kiss one another.

If you’re uncomfortable, though, never fear: most Spanish-speakers will completely understand if you, as a foreigner, aren’t accustomed to this practice. If you don’t want to do the kiss, a firm handshake, a smile and a few standard phrases will be enough. Sometimes, a hug enhances the meeting.

And if you do say hello with a cheek kiss, it’s good form to also cheek kiss goodbye.


Introduce yourself in the comments below!

¿Cómo te llamas? Me llamo…

¿De dónde eres? Soy…

¿Cuántos años tienes? Tengo…años.

¿Dónde vives? Vivo en…

¿A qué te dedicas? Soy… / Trabajo en…

¿Dónde trabajas? Trabajo en…

¿Tienes mascotas? Sí, tengo… / No, no tengo

¿Tienes hermanos? Sí, tengo ….hermano(s) / hermana(s) | No, soy hijo/a único/a


Can’t wait to hear from you! 😊

Un abrazo,


CEO of The Spanish Tribe


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  1. Hola! Me llamo Gabriella y tengo 28 años. Vivo en San Diego. Yo he vivido en California toda mi vida pero mi familia era de Italia. Soy enfermera y trabajo en una hospital con pacientes que tienen problemas de los corazones. Tengo una mascota que es un conejo se llama Giovanni. También tengo un hermano se llama Jeffrey y el vive en Washington co su esposa Sarah. Mis padres también viven en Washington y me gusta mucho a visitarlos.

  2. Hola! Me llamo Sasha. Soy de Inglaterra. Vivo en Ivybridge, un peublo pequeno

    Tengo cuaranta y nuevea ños.

    Ahora yo no trabajo porque estoy enferma. Yo no tengo mascotas pero quiero mucho un perro. Mi familia es grande; tengo tres hermanas y dos hermanos.