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Do you want to SPEAK Spanish in a few months, not years?

Here is the thing…amigo, amiga.

To speak a language confidently there are 2 crucial skills you need to develop first.

Can you guess what skills?

Yes, you are right: LISTENING AND SPEAKING.

Sadly, many language programs tend to overlook these two skills.

Most courses teach you grammar in chunks. You learn adverbs and qualifiers today, the subjunctive tomorrow, and so on. Most of the time, you’re just confused.

You never make free-flowing sentences, and if you do manage to speak at all, it feels unnatural and stilted.

Why, you ask?

Well, you see…firstly, it’s the traditional system enforced in schools and universities.

Secondly, it’s a matter of simplicity. It’s just easier to build a course based on grammar rules and such instead of giving you the real deal: comprehensive listening and speaking practice. 

In fact, if you have tried to learn Spanish already and failed, it’s not your fault. The fault lies in the ineffective methods that you have been exposed to.

Think about it for a second. It’s quite simple.

How on Earth will you ever speak with confidence if you don’t actually practice speaking?

And if you don’t practice listening, how can you possibly understand native speakers?

Shocking? 😂

Not really. It’s as simple as that. 

Listening and speaking practice should be the main priority of any Spanish course that genuinely aims to help you achieve your dream of speaking a new language with confidence.

At The Spanish Tribe we firmly believe that speaking a language fluently and confidently doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, or be one of your worst nightmares.

Say adiós to your textbooks and old ways to learn Spanish, because it will never be the same. Here, you will learn all the Spanish you need in a natural way, by listening and speaking – just like you did when learned your first language.

Speak Spanish today, from day 1, and stop wasting your time and energy on traditional lessons that don’t get you speaking. 

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Want to speak Spanish once and for all?

Start today with the 3 steps to speak Spanish with confidence, improve your pronunciation, and understand native speakers 3 times better. Speaking a new language in a few months is possible! 

Meet Raquel

Raquel is coach and expert in Spanish teaching with more than 10 years of experience. Half Ecuadorian half Spanish, she was raised between Latin America and Spain

She’s currently based in Valencia. Raquel has helped hundreds of students speak Spanish confidently with her revolutionary method. 

She has worked and collaborated with renowned international organizations such as Queen Mary Univeristy of London, Cervantes Institute, Newcastle University or International House. 

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