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👉 This is for you if you are a beginner and...

You have a Spaniard partner

And you want to be able to talk in Spanish with your loved one(s).

You are a traveler or a digital nomad

And you want to connect with others, live and work overseas and travel the world (freely and comfortably).

You want to expand your work and educational opportunities

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world.

¿Te suena? Rings any bells?

Nothing sounds worse than wasting time and money on language programs that don’t have you actually talking in Spanish, causing you to miss out on travel, educational, personal and work opportunities that you would love to have.

Here’s the secret…

You already are a successful language learner. You learnt your first language. 

And you can speak a new language in real conversations.

Not tomorrow. Not next year. Not when you’ve learned an entire dictionary and you’ve got perfect grammar.

Right now.

(Yes, even if you know nothing or everything.)


Using the right tools.

introducing the...

From 0 To Español
Challenge ©

Our From 0 to Español Challenge © is a communicative course carefully designed to develop your fluency, confidence and personal skills. It’s based on 3 key tools to help you start talking right away:

Here’s the secret…

You already are a successful language learner. You learnt your first language. 

And you can speak a new language in real conversations.

Not tomorrow. Not next year. Not when you’ve learned an entire dictionary and you’ve got perfect grammar.

Right now.

(Yes, even if you know nothing or everything.)


Using the right tools.

live lessons

A curriculum based around speaking in Spanish from day 1. Over 90 days, you’ll clock up around 40 hours of in-class speaking practice.

Daily mini-

Highly structured curriculum designed to help you progress and integrate Spanish learning into your daily-routine. Start speaking in no time!

A supportive

In this community you’ll find the energy, passion and motivation to push outside your comfort zone and keep learning every day.



Limited spots

Tool 1: 15-minute mini-challenges

The Spanish learning habit has never been so easy

Immersion zone

+ 50 fun activities to practice Spanish with your family, friends or on your own! 

Listening zone

+ 100 listening activities & + 50 audioblogs and short audio stories.

Imitation zone

+ 300 Native Speaker Audios & + 70 self-talk scenarios and shadowing practice to boost your fluency. We want you to sound like a local.

Grammar zone

+ 100 grammar-in-context video-lessons & + 200 activities to master Spanish conjugation.

Quizzes zone

+ 200 interactive activities (flashcards, fill in the gaps, quizzes, etc.) to revise and consolidate each lesson.

Reading zone

+100 reading comprehension and writing activities. Learn while discovering fascinating things about the Hispanic world: history, recipes, curiosities and more.



Limited spots

Tool 2: Optimized fluency lessons 

36h of conversation lessons x10 times more effective

Step 1

Preparation guides to make the most of each lesson

Step 2

Learn with a qualified teacher with more than 10 years of experience

Step 3

Speak! Each lesson is results-driven. Focused on fluency.

Step 4

Receive a follow-up guide and personalized feedback



Limited spots

Tool 3: A supportive community

Feel motivated & boost your confidence and skills

Learn with the community

You’ll be joining an inspired community of language learners — and all of them are working towards the same goal as you. Make new friends from around the world and feel motivated!

Work on your mindset

You’ll learn unique methods and ‘mindset shifts’ to learn Spanish smarter and faster, and to rapidly boost your confidence and motivation at using your new language in the real world.

Your own virtual learning environment & premium support

You are not alone! Got questions? Looking for a particular resource? We’ve got the answers.

You’ll be granted access to your own Virtual Learning Environment, where you’ll find all the materials and you’ll be able to ask all your questions.

You will clock up 90 hours of learning time.




Limited spots

Your fluency journey starts here!

Overcome the fear of speaking Spanish!

The syllabus

Here’s What’s Waiting For You Inside:


Brief introduction to the course, the method and the virtual learning environment.


  • Greeting and introducing yourself
  • Completing home and office tasks
  • Talking about your daily routine
  • The bedroom: Talking about clothes
  • The kitchen: Talking about food
  • The living room: Entertainment at home
  • Regular AR verbs and essential irregular verbs in the present tense
  • Building sentences in the future
  • Using the two verbs for To be: Ser and Estar
  • Addressing people in a formal or informal manner
  • Forming basic questions and negations
  • Forming basic plurals
  • Masculine and feminine gender of nouns and adjectives
  • Basic pronouns and quantifiers
  • Demonstratives and possessives
  • Essential contractions (prepositions + articles)
  • Basic comparisons
  • Counting up to 999,999 and expressing time
  • Colors
  • Sounds of Spanish


  • Going out to eat and for entertainment
  • Shopping and monetary transactions
  • Navigating airports and bus stations
  • Taking transports and communicating with taxi drivers
  • Discussing origins
  • Making hotel reservations and other travel arrangements
  • Looking for people and places (directions)
  • Going out and interacting at restaurants and stores
  • Renting a car
  • Finding your way
  • Making more complex travel and work arrangements
  • Buying gifts and souvenirs
  • Renting an apartment or a house
  • Opening and closing a bank account
  • Constructing more complex sentences using past, present, and future tense verbs
  • More irregular verbs in past and present tenses
  • Further work on formal and informal pronouns
  • Forming all types of questions
  • Extensive work on articles and adjectives
  • Ordinal numbers
  • Further work on comparatives and introduction of superlatives
  • Structure of indirect speech
  • Further work on replacement and object pronouns
  • Asking for words or information
  • Ordinal numbers (floors)
  • Prices and rates
  • Complete dates


  • Expressing needs
  • Sending packages
  • Expressing likes and dislikes
  • Describing places and items
  • Going to the pharmacy or doctor’s
  • Discussing family
  • Describing people
  • Talking about studies and learning
  • Talking about hobbies and sports
  • Discussing the weather
  • Scheduling, including making plans with friends and colleagues
  • Complex dining and shopping interactions
  • Advanced issues related to going out at night and entertainment
  • Expressing opinions and preferences
  • Managing computer and other technology issues and terms
  • Expressing goals
  • Outdoor activities and planning
  • Describing places: going around cities, beaches, mountains
  • Sports and sports equipment
  • Spanish culture
  • Regular and essential irregular verbs in the past tense
  • Regular ER and IR verbs in the present tense
  • Introduction to object pronouns
  • Forming more complex statements and questions
  • Place and form of adjectives (feminines and plurals)
  • Comparatives and superlatives
  • More advanced preposition usage
  • More crucial quantifiers and other articles
  • Further work with plurals
  • Using essential time adverbs and expressions
  • Building phrases in the recent past and the near future
  • Introduction to verbs using specific prepositions
  • Introduction to reflexive verbs
  • Geographical terms and cardinal directions
  • Nuancing your speech: further work on formal/informal language
  • Expressing obligation
  • More irregular verb forms in past and present tenses
  • Crucial expressions with essential verbs (tener, hacer, tomar…)
  • Crucial work on essential prepositions: por and para
  • Using direct and indirect object pronouns

❤️ What my students say



Limited spots


And I’ve been a language learner too.

I studied a foreign language at School, but after 13 years of ‘studying’ the language, I could not speak a word of English.

But eventually something clicked for me

And fairly quickly, I became fluent in English and confident at speaking the language in real conversations.

I discovered my language learning method.

I started to learn in a new way, with the language brought to practice, to real life. And I quickly realized that the way you learn a language greatly affects how long it takes you to become conversational. I understood the failures of the traditional system that had prevented me from moving forward.

I knew I was not alone.

My reality was also that of thousands of language learners.

I’ve been teaching Spanish for 10 years now, and with my method, I’ve helped hundreds of students who, like me, wanted to feel the freedom to communicate in other languages with fluency and confidence.

I know you can do it too, and I assure you it will be 100% worth it! 😃

as an experienced Spanish teacher and language learner, I’ve designed the language learning program I would have loved to join when I was a language learner myself. 

You may have also seen me as a Spanish Teacher in…

This program includes

everything you need

to speak Spanish confidently.

So many language learners struggle to speak their target language. Even if they’ve been studying for years. 

During our guided program we’ll show you step-by-step how to learn a language and will give you the tools to speak Spanish confidently. This is the most powerful part of our Fácil Method ©  – we’ve invested thousands of hours in creating a method for language learning that is results driven.

So, how to get started?

Fill out the form

That you will find at the bottom of this page so that I can study your situation individually.

Profile selection

I will assess each case in detail according to the profile and commitment.

First lesson FREE

I will give you your first free 30-minute session, which includes:

Course details


Flexible Timetable

Start date: May 3rd

Pick the time that best suits you
3 lessons per week

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Madrid Time zone
















Ideal for

I teach people who wish to:

Take the learning of Spanish seriously.

Speak with confidence and assurance.


At the end of this course you will:

Have real, comfortable conversations in Spanish.

Learn successful learning strategies & became a motivated learner.

Learn social and cultural skills to understand how Spanish people live, think and speak.

Have a solid base of Spanish grammar (A1+/A2 level)

Exclusive Launch Offer

This edition only

3 payments of

  • 7€ / LESSON
  • List Item #2
  • List Item #3

One payment of

  • 6,3 / lesson
  • List Item #2
  • List Item #3
10% discount

Happy Students Only Policy

Don’t like the course? Lo dudo, but no worries! Try My Program for 15 days. Get your money back if it didn’t serve you. No questions asked. Straightaway!


Keep in mind that…

I can only cater for a limited number of people in this course, so I can give you the best learning experience and personalized support.

If you are really interested I recommend you fill out the form as soon as possible to book your place.

(Class schedule subject to availability)

Can't wait to start working with you!

Get your place before


Limited spots

Book your first lesson free

You will be speaking Spanish once and for all!

Fill out the form below so that I can analyse your situation and get in touch with you as soon as possible.

I wish to inform you that the personal data that you provide to me by filling out this form will be processed by Raquel Beltrán as person responsible for this website. You may exercise the rights of access, rectification, limitation or suppression of your data by sending an email to hello@thespanishtribe.com

¿Tienes alguna duda? FAQ

Perfect, We’ve got answers!

This course is aimed at beginner Spanish students.

¡Por supuesto! Of course! This course is focused on fluency. If you have been studying Spanish for some months but still can't speak, this is your course. 

People that succeed at language learning practice every day or two. People who slip to every 5 or 6 days are much more likely to give up.

Other methods fail to have you speaking because they don't make speaking practice a priority.

The traditional method has failed because to speak a language fluently yo need to practice EVERY DAY or very frequently, in opposition to going to class every day. This method makes this possible. You practice Spanish every day in an easy and fun way with 15 minute micro-lessons you can easily integrate in your daily routine and optimized 45-minute conversation session with a native teacher. 

Yes, you only need to fill in the form so that I can contact you, assess your situation and recommend what I believe is the best option for you.

Yes, You'll have 50 hours of live lessons. 

On top of that, you'll have 50 hours of guided self-study lessons.

You will be able to come to class 24 hours a day. All videos, audios and assignments are available whenever you need them with unlimited access so you can learn at your own pace.

Our masterclasses and social events will be live and you'll be able to access the recording in case you can't attend.

You will learn by practicing your speaking in different daily-life contexts, almost as if you were physically in a Spanish speaking country.

We take you into account when creating our content and we put a lot of effort in creating dynamic and entertaining materials so that you feel accompanied and motivated and always feel like coming back to the next lesson.

We can't wait to teach you!

Our meetups are the perfect opportunity to put into practice what you are learning. You will have easy speaking tasks to complete with other students within The Spanish Tribe Community. This is completely optional, but highly recommended if you want to progress faster and make the most of your membership!

This course does not contain specific materials oriented to the preparation of official exams. That said, it is practically impossible for you to pass any official qualification without having reached the necessary level you want to accredit.

The first step is to improve your knowledge of Spanish and develop the necessary skills to communicate fluently and confidently.

After having solved all the grammatical doubts that were constantly blocking you, after having trained your oral comprehension with our dialogues, after having perfected your speaking and pronunciation with our voice cards, after having learned hundreds of new phrases and words... Guess what? You will be unstoppable!

Now, the second step to get your qualification with "flying colors" is to get the books and prepare yourself to master the exam format. If you are preparing for your DELE exam, of course you can ask us if you have any questions about the exam.

You can download all the audios, audioblogs, worksheets and some of the interactive tests and resources and work offline.

To watch the video lessons and work with the interactive voice flashcards, you do need to be connected to the internet. Some flashcards are also available in PDF and you can download them to read the sentences on paper, but obviously without voice. 😅

Indeed! Our learning platform is optimized for online learning, and you can access your lessons from any computer, tablet or cell phone.

In order for you to think in another language and learn it effectively, you need to be constantly exposed to it. The acquisition of a non-native language through naturalistic exposure or immersion always achieves better results.

I'm certain that From 0 to Español will give you everything you need to start speaking in Spanish confidently. If for any reason it doesn't, I insist you have your money back. Just email me within 14 days of joining, and I'll send your refund. No questions asked. Happy students only!

Not sure if this course is for you?

Write to us and we will be happy to advise you. Speak to you soon!