3 simple steps to speak in Spanish faster. From day 1.

Stop wasting your time and energy on content, courses and apps that don’t get you speaking in Spanish.

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Our mission is to help you Speak in Spanish in the shortest amount of time.

You will gain a very valuable insight on the key strategies to speak in Spanish faster, so you can get the most out of your experience in Spanish speaking countries, meet locals, and be able to have meaningful conversations with them.

What you will learn...


What content to focus on first and why you should stop focusing on grammar

Too many people get obsessed with perfectionism and grammar. Stop feeling afraid of speaking and making mistakes. Communication before perfection, amigo!


How to speak in Spanish from day 1

What is the secret to speaking a new language? In order to do something faster than others, you must avoid other’s mistakes. If you know the mistakes that slow down other learners and you manage to avoid them, your progress will be a lot faster than you ever thought was possible.


How to gain confidence to speak and become a motivated learner.

Motivation is very closely linked to both confidence and our sense of achievement, learn how to feel confident to speak and keep your motivation flying high.

Exclusive Bonus

Demo class

Ser and Estar

You will learn an easier way to learn grammar. We will explore the difference between SER and ESTAR in Spanish, as they both mean "to be".

Cognitive grammar

You will learn how cognitive grammar can make your life easier!

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What others are saying



“I have studied Spanish before and my knowledge of Spanish was very passive, I was not feeling confident enough to speak, to use it. But now, with Raquel the main focus is speaking. I feel like I finally get to use my knowledge from before in practice.”


South Africa

“Raquel gives you practical tips and advice for speaking in the real world, motivation to keep learning, keep practicing, and keep SPEAKING!”


United kingdom

“I never had the confidence to speak it as I would worry my pronunciation was incorrect. Having a strong focus on speaking helped to build my confidence!”

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ready to unleash your Spanish fluency? Let's get there, together.

You will learn 3 key strategies to develop conversational fluency quickly and increase your motivation and confidence levels exponentially.