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Register for the Free Spanish Course here

⬇️ Join Raquel for 7 free lessons to start speaking from day 1 and fall in love with Spanish 💘 ⬇️

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By entering your info, you’ll become a member of The Spanish Tribe Community — with FREE access to exclusive resources. Unsub anytime in a click. You also agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


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Unlock your Spanish forever!

Level of Spanish? – Stuck.

Rings any bells?

We feel you! ¡Te entendemos!

You are not alone. Most of our students come to us frustrated and disappointed.

Have you also spent half your life trying to learn Spanish, only to block, blank out and get on your nerves during a conversation or business meeting?

If you’re tired of feeling stuck and uncomfortable, of not making progress, of natives not understanding you, and of wanting to hide every time you have to speak Spanish, it’s time to take control!

Take your Spanish to the next level, from home and in record time.

Native Teacher

If you really want to speak Spanish, it’s not enough to learn words in an app on your phone. In order to communicate fluently, you need to practice with native speakers and learn in context and real-life situations.

Do it with a qualified native teacher, with more than 10 years of experience in teaching Spanish.

+36h of Fluency Focused Lessons

Over 90 days, you’ll clock up 40-50 hours of speaking practice.

If you use the right techniques — and we’ll teach you the exact methods to use — then that’s plenty enough time to get to an advanced conversational level.

Prep and Follow-up Guides Before and After Each Lesson

Work on relevant vocab, grammar points, listening and key skills before your lesson. This will make each lesson x10 times more effective. 

Our follow-up guides consist of a written summary of the lesson, and will include activities to consolidate specific grammatical points, vocabulary, listening, speaking and writing skills. 

Highly structured lessons with clear objectives

Each lesson is results-driven, focused on fluency, and carefully designed and optimized for online learning.

Huge variety of topics for all interests

More than 70 exciting and varied topics to broaden your vocabulary and immerse yourself in the Hispanic culture! Every lessons is designed over slow fire, and the content is planned in detail.

+ 50 hours of guided independant study

Highly structured downloadable Materials (PDFs, videos, audios, vocab lists) to help you boost your Spanish in no time and make the most of each lesson.


Grammar Lovers (6 months FREE) €90 

The only grammar membership you’ll want to binge-watch!



Limited spots available

Speed up your Spanish!

¡Acelera tu fluidez!

Take your Spanish from intermediate to advanced in an effective and fun way thanks to our “Spanish in Context” methodology.

At The Spanish Tribe you have everything you need to finally start speaking Spanish with confidence and fluency.

Our lessons will help you see Spanish in a different way and achieve real results in record time. You just need to be consistent. Just show up and do the work!

From stuck to fluent

The results you are going to get:

For more info: Council of Europe.

Your fluency journey starts here!

Overcome the fear of speaking Spanish!

Unleash your Spanish fluency!

Have real conversations! You will be speaking Spanish a lot 💬

Lose the fear of speaking Spanish once and for all. Practice with your native teacher for 3 months. Get instant feedback and accelerate your progress. I will help you at all times if corrections are needed and clarify any doubts you may have.

Perfect Spanish Grammar 

Say goodbye to having to think about grammar rules all the time. Absorb grammar through optimized conversation lessons wit your native teacher, as well as all the vocabulary and structures.

Plus, you’ll get FREE access to our Grammar & Vocab Lovers Club with +400 videos and optimized resources to learn from daily-life situations. 

Understand native speakers!

Multiply your ability to understand Spanish and express yourself like a native with our “real-life dialogues”. Learn all the Spanish you need in real life!

Attend monthly meetups, discussions, webinars and more!

Attend to live sessions with The Spanish Tribe students. We will clarify doubts and organize workshops and masterclasses on the topics you request. Engage in conversations outside of class and meet other students.

Join our fun comunity!

Never feel alone again learning Spanish on your own. Join our community of Spanish learners and share your doubts, challenges and achievements. Progress in your learning while feeling super-motivated.

Dynamic lessons! Learn by doing 🙌

100% practice based lessons. You’ll be playing an active role and I will guide you throughout the entire learning process.

Have fun and contextualised learning materials

You’ll boost your Spanish with +300 engaging learning materials optimized for online learning (quizzes, group dynamics, native speaker audios, pronunciation practice, interactive fill in the gaps, and much, much more.)

Learn relevant content!

Most language courses are way too theoretical and focus on words and phrases you’ll rarely use in real conversations. In our lessons, you’ll learn everything in real-life contexts and I’ll show you the power phrases you can start using right away in real conversations.

Student Area

From your private area you will be able to send questions with your doubts, suggest courses, podcasts, etc.

Personalized support (formus, webinars)

You will have support during your membership through a private chat and masterclasses where you can ask your questions. You’ll never be alone 😊!

Learn relevant content!

Most language courses are way too theoretical and focus on words and phrases you’ll rarely use in real conversations. In our lessons, you’ll learn everything in real-life contexts and I’ll show you the power phrases you can start using right away in real conversations.

The Fluency Challenge

Here’s What’s Waiting For You Inside:

Revoluciona tu español

With our Fácil! Method ©


Speed up your fluency! This is our students’ favorite part of the Nativo Method! Practice your speaking with the shadowing technique and the native speaker audio included in our lessons, and start speaking like a nativo!


It’s training time! Test your memory, grammar, listening & reading skills with interactive activities after each lesson. Everything is easier to remember in real-life situations. You’ll see! Learn by doing, and practice, practice, practice! 🙌


Immerse yourself in the language by learning in context, through everyday real-life situations and dialogues. You will see how you suddenly seem to remember what you have learned and everything starts to make sense.

Bite-size & measure

Our content is split into 15-minute optimized lessons. This is because neuroscience has shown we have a maximum attention span of about 15-20 mins. And it’s also more convenient: you can integrate Spanish into your daily routine, make progress every day, measure your progression, and feel motivated! 📏


Most language courses are way too theoretical and focus on words and phrases you’ll rarely use in real conversations. We’ll teach you relevant content and power phrases you can start using right away in real conversations!

Personal Growth

The real obstacle to language learning? Your mindset & confidence. You’ll master key learning strategies to enhance your skills, and to know what to do at every step of your learning process. Get involved, and work with your confidence and perseverance 💪



Success Stories

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 Conversation Lessons
x10 times more effective

How it works, 5 easy steps

Step 1

Get ready with our Preparation Guides

Language is about communication not about learning long lists of grammar rules and vocab. We do teach you grammar & vocab, yes, but in real-life contexts to help you learn the Spanish locals really speak.

Step 2

Come to class and practice

30% theory and 70% practice. Each lesson is inspiring, fun and actionable. We’ve turned languages into something that is really easy to learn in a fun, dynamic way. So you can really engage & start improving & talking in Spanish from day 1!

Step 3

Receive a Follow-up Guide & enjoy premium support

Why do we do it this way? Neuroscience has shown we have a maximum attention span of about 15-20 mins. The other reason is that is more convenient: you can integrate Spanish into your daily routine and learn anywhere, anytime!

Step 4

Ask any questions you may have

Practice with the native speaker audio included in each lesson to help you work on pronunciation & use our printables & worksheets to learn anywhere offline. 

This program includes

everything you need

to speak Spanish confidently.

So many language learners struggle to speak their target language. Even if they’ve been studying for years. 

During our guided program we’ll show you step-by-step how to learn a language and will give you the tools to speak Spanish confidently. This is the most powerful part of our Nativo Method ©  – we’ve invested thousands of hours in creating a method for language learning that is results driven.

So how to get started with the lessons?

Fill out the form

That you will find at the bottom of this page so that I can study your situation individually.


Profile selection

I will assess each case in detail according to the profile and commitment.

First session free

If you are selected, I will give you your first free 30-minute session, which includes:

✔️ A demo class with a game.

✔️ The identification of your language needs and level. 

✔️ Information about classes and materials. 

✔️Booking and payment conditions.

IMPORTANT! Keep in mind that…

I can only cater for a limited number of people in both private and group lessons, so if you are really interested I recommend you fill out the form as soon as possible to book your place.

Can't wait to start working with you!

Book your first lesson free

You will be speaking Spanish once and for all!

Fill out the form below so that I can analyse your situation and get in touch with you as soon as possible.

I wish to inform you that the personal data that you provide to me by filling out this form will be processed by Raquel Beltrán as person responsible for this website. You may exercise the rights of access, rectification, limitation or suppression of your data by sending an email to

¿Tienes alguna duda? FAQ

Perfect, We’ve got answers!


What level of Spanish is recommended for the course?

All our courses are recommended for students with a pre-intermediate level (B1) at least. This means that you are able to function in a Spanish-speaking country and can understand and speak about common and simple topics.

My Spanish level is advanced, can I join?

¡Por supuesto! We have students at The Spanish Tribe Academia, who although they have managed to certify a C1 level of Spanish, have lost a lot of fluency and lack naturalness when speaking.

In our online academia, you will learn phrases, expressions and other aspects of the language that are not taught in academies or textbooks, but are so necessary to speak Spanish naturally and confidently.

Are the lessons live?

Yes, this program includes 50 hours of live Spanish fluency-focused lessons.  On top of this, you have free access to our Grammar and vocabulary Lovers Club, with more than 10 hours of pre-recorded content. 

Why is the “Nativo Method” different?

Because unlike other traditional methods, I work on your perseverance and self-confidence first and teach you how to study a language, as well as the key points to achieve your goals and succeed. Additionally, I help you to enhance the development of your communicative competence (linguistic, sociolinguistic, pragmatic and discursive competences) by means of the spoken practice of daily life situations and useful and contextualised activities that are adapted to your needs.

Why is there a minimum of 4 classes per month?

Because it takes a minimum amount of work and perseverance to achieve good results. Otherwise, your goals may not be met and you would be wasting your time and your money.

Can I take more than 2 classes per week?

Yes, there is no problem in taking as many classes as you want, as long as there is compatible availability on both sides. Fill out the contact form for more information. 

We are 2 friends or a couple, can we take the classes together?

Yes, you only need to fill in the form so that I can contact you, assess your situation and recommend what I believe is the best option for you.

Why spend time studying Spanish every day?

In order for you to think in another language and learn it effectively, you need to be constantly exposed to it. The acquisition of a non-native language through naturalistic exposure or immersion always achieves better results.

Why is there a The Spanish Tribe private community?

For a great reason: According to the renowned American educator Edgar Dale, we learn more by doing, practising, simulating, teaching, and in short, applying direct experience. Having the possibility to practise with other people and even teach what is learned in class increases our chances of success in learning Spanish. In addition, you will be able to connect with other students in your same situation, share experiences and make friends

How much do the Spanish classes cost?

Prices are set based on your needs and objectives. For example: If you need to learn Spanish but have a limited amount of time, it is best for you to choose an intensive course of 5 days per week. However, if you want to learn at a good pace and get good results for a longer period of time, I recommend 2-3 days a week. We will be establishing the schedules and the learning plan that best suits you in our free trial session.

Why learn Spanish?

It is the second most spoken language (over 577 million people) in the world after Chinese and the third most used language on the Internet after English and Chinese. 8.1% of the communications on Internet are held in Spanish and it is the second most used language on Wikipedia, Facebook and Twitter. In addition, it has a high growth potential due to the average Internet penetration in Spanish-speaking countries.

Attending the lessons

Downloading zoom

The Spanish tribe lessons are given via the Zoom application. You can download it here:

Once Zoom is properly installed, you can check everything works well by joining a test meeting.

Using zoom

With Zoom installed, the lesson will automatically start when you click on the lesson link. You can test your Zoom installation here.

What is required for the lesson:

  • Enable your video camera. The teacher will need to see you.
  • Enable your audio. So that you can talk with the teacher and the other students.
  • Speakers or headphones. You will need to listen to the lesson. It is highly recommended to use headphones during an online lesson.
Troubleshoot with zoom

Sometimes Students have difficulties with using Zoom. Make sure you are using the latest version.

Learn how to update Zoom here.

Get Started With Live Spanish Lessons For Free!

You can join The Spanish Tribe and book a trial with 0 commitment. Sign in for free, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Our Nativo Challenge © is a communicative course carefully designed to develop your fluency, confidence and personal skills. It’s based on real-life practice, exposure and results.

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Our lessons are:

About Exciting topics

Unique and varied

Carefully crafted classes

You always participate

Our lessons are not:

about dull topics

repetitive lessons

lack of structure

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