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Unlock your Spanish forever!

Español de la vida real

Menos blablablá y más chachachá 💃

Immerse yourself in the language by learning in context, through everyday situations and dialogues. You will see how you suddenly seem to remember what you have learned and everything starts to make sense!

Power-phrases, frequent vocab and Spanish for real-life.

Práctica Poderosa

A tope de power! ⚡

It’s training time! This is our students’ favorite part of the Fácil! Method ©. Test your language skills with súper divertidas, interactive activities after each lesson. Everything is easier to remember in context and in everyday situations. You’ll see!


¡La unión hace la juerga! 🍹

We are more than a Spanish Academy, we are a big family :)! 

…so welcome to our familia española! You’ll never walk alone again in your Spanish learning journey.

Language learning should be all about communication, adventure and fun. At the Spanish Tribe, we believe that motivation and being part of a strong community are a powerful way to reach your language goals in a faster, more exciting way.

Our community is a crucial part of our free and paid memberships, which may include the following:

Weekly Spanish KIT with free Spanish Lessons, tips to boost your confidence and motivation, and more!

Practice your Spanish in hangouts and workshops with other students in The Spanish Tribe Community.

Masterclasses on specific topics such as difficult grammar points, how to keep motivated, organization and good study habits, and more.

Regular check-ins & personalized support, videos on request, and more! Included in all our paid programs.

Aventura Tropical

Seriously, life is too short for boring lessons! 🌴

All we ask is that you do not miss any challenge, and that you practice with us every day!

And of course, the most important step, which many students skip, is to put it into practice!

Find a friend, a study buddy, a spaniard who has just moved to your city and needs some company, an Spanish teacher, etc.

But please, please USA TU ESPAÑOL!


This sounds like an opportunity not to be missed. What do you say? ¿Te apuntas?

YES 👉🏻 See you inside!

NO 👉🏻 Contact your doctor ASAP!