DÍA 22 – Spanish Fluency Challenge 💬

Whether it’s learning a new language, getting into fitness, traveling or other, knowing how to express New Year’s Resolutions in Spanish may be useful at some point.

In this post, we’ll cover the most commonly used verbs and phrases related to Propósitos de Año Nuevo (aka New Year’s Resolutions).

Querer + infinitivo:

When our resolutions express intentions and plans, the verb querer is the best option:

Quiero viajar más que el año pasado. I want to travel more than last year.
Quiero aprender un nuevo idioma. I want to learn a new language.
Este año quiero leer más libros. This year I want to read more books.

Desear + infinitivo:

If our New Year resolutions are more aspirational or express more of an abstract wish, we should use the verb desear:

Deseo pasar más tiempo con mis seres queridos. I want/wish to spend more time with my loved ones.
Deseo cuidar más mi salud mental. I want to take better care of my mental health.
Deseo ser más espontáneo. I wish to be more spontaneous.

Ir a + infinitivo:

When our resolutions express clear goal and more specific plans, the phrase ir + a is a great choice:

Voy a correr la maratón de NY en noviembre. I’m going to run the NY marathon in November.
Voy a mejorar mi conversación en español. I’m going to improve my Spanish conversation skills.
Voy a buscar un mejor trabajo. I’m going to look for a better job.

Now you!

STEP 1. Here are some ideas. Review the vocabulary below.

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STEP 2. Record yourself saying what are your New Year resolutions!


¿Cuáles son tus resoluciones de Año Nuevo? What are your New Year resolutions?

Let me know in the comments below! Can’t wait to hear from you 😊


Un abrazo,


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