DÍA 14 – Spanish Fluency Challenge 💬

¡Hola! Today you are going to practice saying and asking how much something costs!

STEP 1. Practice the numbers & relevant vocabulary for talking about prices.

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Flashcards set I:

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Flashcards set II, numbers:

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STEP 2. Now, can you say how much does each thing cost in Spanish?

TIP – Click on the info button on top to see the numbers in Spanish.


  Grammar bit:

  • If the word is SINGULAR like ‘CHOCOLATE’ we say:

[  EL CHOCOLATE  ] cuesta 2 euros con 20 céntimos

  • If the word is PLURAL like ‘CHOCOLATES’ we say:

[  LOS CHOCOLATES  ] cuestan 2 euros con 20 céntimos


And that’s it! You have learnt something new today.


Good job! 😊


Un abrazo,


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