DÍA 13 – Spanish Fluency Challenge 💬


¡Hola! Today you are going to meet Celia Cruz, and you will practice with one of her most famous songs!

“La Vida es un Carnival” by Celia Cruz

Recognized for her charisma and vivacity, as well as her powerful voice, the Cuban born, queen of salsa – Celia Cruz inspired the world with her unique rhythm.

“La Vida Es Un Carnaval” (“Life Is a Party”) describes taking the long view on life, and focusing on the good to get through the bad things that come your way.

“Todo aquel que piense que la vida es desigual, tiene que saber que no es así, que la vida es una hermosura y hay que vivirla…” (All those who believe life is unfair, need to know that’s not the case. That life is beautiful, we have to live it!)

With this beginning, no one can resist listening to the lyrics of one of the songs that elevated Celia Cruz to the top of the international music scene.

TASK. Play the video and sing along! [don’t forget to put the subtitles on!]

🎁 PDF ‘La vida es un Carnaval Song Analysis’

Here is an analysis of Celia’s song, so you can improve your Spanish and learn some idioms!

Download PDF

What other Spanish songs do you know?

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