Chores in Spanish: Essential Expressions to Know


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Today, you are going to learn chores in Spanish.

How do you describe chores in Spanish?

Like any other language, when talking about chores, most words we need to know will be related to the household, since that is where most chores are done.

In this post, we’ll cover the most common vocab and verbs you’ll use to describe chores in Spanish.

But first, you’re probably wondering how to actually say “chores” in Spanish?

Well, there’s a couple of ways to describe this, the most common one being tareas (del hogar), or when talking about “a chore” (singular), we can use: el quehacer, la tarea.

Learn the following vocabulary. You can listen to the pronunciation if you click on the speaker icon 🔊.

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You are going to practice asking for help around the house, and other real-life contexts.

Situation 1. Can you mop the floor?

Poder + verb + complement

Situation 2. I have to take out the bin.

Tener que + verb + complement

Situation 3. Remember to water the plants.

Recordar + verb + complement

Situation 4. Don’t forget to make your bed.

Situation 5. I don’t like cleaning the dust, I’m allergic

Situation 6. Help me to hang the clothes.


¿Qué tarea del hogar te gusta? ¿Qué tarea del hogar no te gusta? / What chore do you like? What chore you don’t like? 

Let me know in the comments below! Can’t wait to hear from you! 😊


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  • En general no me gusta mucho los tareas del hogars. Definativamente no me gusta el planchado. Todos los otras son posible cuando hacerlo a escuchar el radio al mismo.

  • No me gusta mucho los tareas del hogares pero me encanta tener una casa limpia 🙂
    Lo que me gusta el menos es trapear el piso. No tengo una favorita pero lo que me molesta el menos es lavando ropa. También me encanta tener una cama con las mantas limpia.

  • A veces me gusta cocinar la comida arabe y limpiar la cocina despues.
    Me no gusta quitar el polvo. de verdad, yo nunca lo hago.

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