Bienvenid@ A LA COMUNIDAD!

El Podcast: Real Spanish with real people!

You’ll learn a large amount of phrases, expressions and vocabulary very useful for real-life and that you will want to use all the time.

The only thing we ask for.

All we ask is that you practice with us every week!

And of course, the most important step, which many students skip, is to put it into practice!

Find a friend, a study buddy, a spaniard who has just moved to your city and needs some company, a Spanish teacher, etc.

But please, please USA TU ESPAÑOL!

¡Recursos gratis por completo! (comming soon!)

Learn much more and much faster through our downloadable audios, interactive activities and pdf worksheets. Our materials will help you easily learn and review everything you’ve learned!

This sounds like a good plan. What do you say? ¿Te apuntas?

YES 👉🏻 See you inside!

NO 👉🏻 Contact your doctor ASAP!