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I feel like I finally get to use my knowledge from before in practice

I have studied Spanish before and my knowledge of Spanish was very passive, I was not feeling confident enough to speak, to use it. But now with Raquel the main focus is speaking, we only do speaking exercises. I feel like I finally get to use my knowledge from before in practice.


I would absolutely recommend it

It’s working for me. That’s the thing with a lot of language programs. It’s finding the thing that works for you. And this just works for me. It works for me because you are encouraged to speak.  It’s just that practical speech usage that is working for me. I would absolutely recommend it.


It gets more real

I had taken other courses, a little bit here and there, but it always ends up with me kind of giving up because I’m not motivated, and that’s because it has been a lot of just the grammar, grammar, grammar…and what I really, really like about this course is how the grammar is mixed with the speaking, and we are forced to speak, so the way that it’s combined it’s really, really nice. So it gets more real.


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